Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everything, Now, Have I Seen

Well, the Dallas Cowboys got absolutely destroyed today. The Detroit Lions made history by going winless in a 16-game campaign, and shortly, the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers will square off for an 8-8 record/division bragging rights. In my eyes, though, the real news of the day took place in Ohio, where the 2-13 Chiefs met the 3-11-1 Cincinnati Bengals.

The skinny is multi-faceted, so let's not waste any time.

1) Cincinnati played without their "marquee" players; Carson Palmer, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Chad Johnson were inactive.

2) Cedric Benson was the leading rusher of the contest, and Larry Johnson carried the ball as if he simply didn't care. Arrowhead Pride has discovered that perhaps he doesn't.

3) The Bengals put up 100+ more total yards than the Chiefs.

4) Herman Edwards has now been outbloached by Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith, Romeo Crennell, and Marvin Lewis, which of course leaves only Mike Singletary and Mike Tomlin.

5) The Chiefs have now demonstrated every possible type of terrible football in this 2008 campaign, and I couldn't be happier to call it a season.

9/7 @ New England: Both starting QBs go down; Pats receivers catch gooder.
9/14 vs. Oakland: KC gets downright embarrassed in their home opener.
9/21 @ Atlanta: Herm and company get a glimpse of what good teams look like.
10/5 @ Carolina: See above; include a dash of cluelessness.
10/19 vs. Tennessee: Domination 101 was in session; Jeff Fisher your instructor.
10/26 @ NY Jets: Chiefs threaten to win; Favre conducts last-minute TD drive.
11/2 vs Tampa Bay: KC leads all day, but lets Garcia and crew hang around.
11/9 @ San Diego: Chiefs tie the game at the end, go for two and the win, but don't.
11/16 vs. New Orleans: KC hangs with Saints offense, but not for four full quarters.
11/23 vs Buffalo: The Chiefs give up more than 50 points to a bad team.
12/7 @ Denver: Once again, KC comes up short at InVesCo Field.
12/14 vs San Diego: A twisted combo of the Jets and first Chargers game.
12/21 vs Miami: KC drops the Frigid Bowl, again with a sloppy ending.
12/28 @ Cincinnati: The Chiefs don't show, don't care, look absolutely pathetic.

So there you have it -- your 2-14 2008 Kansas City Chiefs. Simply. Amazing.