Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday WhatYouWill: Young 'Hawks Win Convincingly

Last night, at Allen Field House, the championship banner was unveiled, and Kansas took Florida Gulf Coast University out behind the wood shed.

I'll be honest: elover joined me for last night's game, and, our focus was more on adult beverage consumption than watching this game. Early in the first it was semi close, but never again after.

J. Brady McCollough of The Kansas City Star has the beat in today's paper, and Upon Further Review breaks it down as well. As far as I can tell, though, there were two highlights:

1) The unveiling of the 2008 championship banner was apparently quite a spectacle. I guess they turned out the lights and shone some lone beams on the thing, causing Sherron Collins to say, "I almost dropped a tear."

2) The other highlight also involved Collins. The Young No. 4 not known as Tyler Thigpen "had a career-high 25 points on nine-of-14 shooting -- including four of six from three."

In the end, the 85-45 beatdown of the Eagles meant that this young squad can handle undermatched ballers. The banner display meant a little more, hanging beside the ones from 1922, '23, '52, and '88, especially considering that it was officially displayed on the birthday of one Phog Allen.

Rock Chalk, and Happy Belated, Mr. Allen.


elover said...

In my defense I would have watched more of the game had it not been for the spine running the length of my back. That and everytime I turned around to see the score I was reminded of my own short comings as a father by the world's greatest dad. No shit, he was there, had a t-shirt and everything. Happy Birfday Forest.