Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Whatnot: Coco Crisp, Tecmo Bowl, and Bud Light

It's official. The Kansas City Royals have shipped middle reliever Ramon Ramirez to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for outfielder Coco Crisp. It should be noted that the Royals didn't actually package the pitcher up and put him on a UPS truck. It should also be noted that Crisp's birth name is Covelli. His grandmother began calling him "Co," and his brother coined the full nickname "Coco," allegedly much to his parents' chagrin. Finally it should also be noted that due to a hangover that will not go away, this post has no continuity whatsoever.

Really. I'm sure it's been done four kazillion times, and will continue to be overdone, but I can't help myself: If Crisp plays center for KC, who will be in left?

And in right?

Instead of discussing what losing Ramirez does to the Royals' bullpen, or how Crisp's on-base percentage isn't all that impressive, here's an example of the Chiefs' offensive lines of the early 1980s...

And here's a little Christian Okoye action...

In case you were curious, Len Dawson loved Brian Griese when this was taped; Dan Marino loved his anger. And his hair.

And for no reason whatsoever...

I don't like Bud Light.

At all.

Just wanted that to be noted as well.