Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails (now with more hip-hoppy essence!): 11-13-08

Greetings once more. We're comin' at you live with another installment of one of our many unoriginal, just-won't-die, semi-weekly features, and believe it or not, we have some goodies in store today. Well, I mean our inventory is always full of goodies, but on this particular Thursday, they're a real bargain. They'll involve a bit of time invested in reading and watching, but worth the while. So if you're brave enough to pull one, jump down to the stem and light up!

Awful Announcing has some splendidly funny Kenny Mayne clips up today.

They also have a brief but snappy post on Monday Night Football.

San Fran/Arizona was "one of the highest rated MNF games of the year"? Shenanigans!

Rumors and Rants has an interesting post up on the San Diego Padres, their relationship with their fan base.

Speaking of fans, the Smoking Section has linked to The Rap Up, who features a clip with Q-Tip naming (off-the-cuff) the three best rappers of all time.

I won't say I agree, but obviously Tip is a bit more educated than I. Either way, TSS also has an interesting, quick blip on the new president-elect and interracial dating. In their "Smoke Break" side bar, they also link to an interesting editorial

by Micheal Partis at Real Talk New York, as well as further evidence that Suge Knight is, well,

a massive tool.

Hey! Speaking of tools, it's the Denver Broncos.

Okay, not really, but Kyle at BroncoTalk lets us know that the Vegas oddsmakers still have Marmalard and Co. slated to win the West.

Finally, Mondesi's House has put together a swell top 10 list, and we're going to share a few of them here on the non-Mondesi House of Georges.

The first is with Jim Mora, and 99.9 percent of you have already seen it. Still a classic.

Next is Dennis Green. Again, nothing new, but you gotta love outrage and cursing at a post-loss presser.

Finally, Bill Buckner. Or, I should more appropiately say, the 1986 Boston Red Sox. This little number is eight minutes long, but it's worth it, just thinking about the time spent in creating it, and it's reminiscent of all that video gaming from childhood.

Those are your 'Tubes and 'Nails for today. We have plans to get back in the "Sleeping with the Enemy" gig tomorrow, so stop by.