Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Studmuffins: Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher

The Big Lead tips us off to this story, which basically says that Jeff Fisher parachuted into practice yesterday. Geez. Must be nice to have a cool coach. Apparently, the jump was "from a helicopter with members of the 101st Airborne Parachute team and landed on the practice field...Players said the coach used the jump to deliver a message to his 10-0 team about overcoming obstacles. One of the parachute team members is Sgt. Max Ramsey, who lost a leg while serving in Iraq.

'He has been able to overcome that adversity and still do what he does,’ Tulloch said. 'It shows us no matter what, we can accomplish what we want. That's what I took from it. ... It is unbelievable.'"

Yeah. I'll say. If Herman Edwards ever did something exciting to motivate his players, something as an obstacle-overcoming example, it was never publicized. Either way, that's some cool stuff.

(photo courtesy of U.S. Army)