Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Morning Fracas: 11-14-08

Well, we've got a lot to cover this Friday fun day, and we'll kick it off with a slice of NFL. I still maintain that the NFL Network can get bent for having TV rights to the Thursday games, and yes -- I know: it's their own product, and that's quite the American thing to do. I suppose it somehow justifies my desire to watch all three Sunday games as well as the Monday night game. Somehow. Anyway, the slate for these contests has now featured back-to-back awesome fourth-quarter/game-ending finishes, so kudos to the jackasses for gettin lucky. Click into our non-exclusiveness, just after the jump, for more pigskin professorings, sort of.

I usually start my morning off with a little Leather action. Okay, not really. I usually have to wait a few hours until Ufford's gotten around to "St. Andrew's Net," but nevertheless, I hit that up first, and it usually kicks my day off really right. Today would be an exception, as they share with us the news that Fire Joe Morgan is calling it a day, and frankly, I'm crushed. They were the masters of sayin' it, and sayin' it well, and they'll go out in no less style:

"For now, we will leave the site and the archives up as a testament to the fact that if you work hard enough, and blow off enough social occasions, and stare at the internet enough, and get nerdy enough, and repeatedly ignore entreaties from your friends and loved ones to please God stop blogging about Bill Plaschke and get out of the house it's a beautiful day!, then you, too, can...have a blog."

If and when you next find yourself bored, staring at the computer, wondering what site to peruse next. Go to FJM; they're leaving the archives up. There is literally, six metric tons of good reading there.

Regarding last night's largely untelevised contest of American football, the Leatherheads thought it was boring, claiming that there were only two reasons to be interested in this match: "you had fantasy players involved, or you're a douche bag."

The Big Lead, however would disagree. I wasn't really aware how Jet-rrific these guys are, but now I am. I like the quote they put up at the end of last night's game:

"Favre in an interview just now: 'Randy Moss told me to throw a pick after the coin toss in overtime.'”

Regardless of the fact that I had to go to an establishment and SPEND MY HARD-EARNED money on $1.25 cans of Hamm's to catch it, I thought it was a great game. What's not to love about Matt Cassel, scrambling and hitting Randy "push off" Moss in the corner of the endzone with one second left? Oh, yeah. Now I remember: Pats-Jets. Guess With Leather was right. Great finish, though, especially when it involves a crinkly faced Belichick forced to clasp his second-place hand into the first-place hand of his former protege.

Speaking of coaches, Mr. Whitlock has put together a post over yonders on the FoxNets. Its lists the best 10/worst 10 coaches in football. I have frequently waivered regarding agreement/disagreement with his opinions. Today is no different. He's got Jim freaking Zorn listed as the best coach in the game. Herm Edwards doesn't make either list, and Mike Shanahan appears in the category that doesn't rhyme with breast.

In other footballiness, I'll just say that if Big Daddy Drew's Jamboroo over at Deadspin ever stops sucking, then I'll stop linking to it. That's not this week, though; BDD is certain that the Detroit Lions are going to go 0-16.

"I think Detroit fans deserve an 0-16 team, and I don’t mean that as an insult. I mean, what more fitting way to cap the end of Matt Millen’s reign of fucktardedness than by going 0-16? What more proper legacy of shittiness can that idiot have bestowed upon that town? Look, if you’re a Lion fan, and you had to sit through season after season of breathtaking incompetence, you should at least get a little memento for your trouble."

Granted, the guy takes immeasurable liberties with profanity, and jokes regarding cocks and fecal matter, but who doesn't? There's much more funniness and truth to the post beyond that quote, so give it a gander.

That's it for now. Check back in later for some Eff Kyoobed.