Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails: 9-11-08

It's all baseball and football today. Just the way I like it. Well, until there's hockey to throw into the mix. Don't fret; it won't be long at all.

Until then, baseball... good. Football... good. Sounds like a winner. Some trinkets and tidbits on both of those delectable American games -- on a now-American day of the year follows. Follows what? The jump, rook'. Haven't we done this before?

Now, I've always liked Mike Ditka behind the desk, and obviously he was a great tight end and head coach. But in the booth? That's a horse of a different color.

(clip courtesy of The Big Lead)

In other football news, looks like Eddie Kennison will be getting another tattoo.

Oh. Right. He already has that one.

Chris at Arrowhead Pride thinks the Raiders are the stray dogs of the AFC West.

I'll agree. For some insight into the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry, check out Warpaint Illustrated's podcast this week, as Bobby Bell and Willie Lanier break it down.

Ben over at Broncos Gab analyzes the Broncos offensive line,

while Kim at Predominantly Orange is dreaming of some Denver footall, February-style. In Tampa.

I don't really enjoy that sentiment, but I did enjoy "Little Miss Sunshine." Apparently, so did the Los Anaheim Angels.

(clip courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Speaking of the Angels, Sooze at Babes Love Baseball is happy that someone

has qualified for the post-season.

Also geared up for October ball, Baseball Musings gives us potential

tie scenarios in the standings.

And that'll do it for today. Mas manana.