Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sermon: Go Forth, Young Man

The time has come; the day is here. Today is the moment to sheddeth thy back of the evil monkey that lives in your closet. He did not take up residence there because you sub-let him the space. The conglomerate of doubters, the press, and the football fans of America insisted upon his dwelling. So I urge you, young Croyle, to not go gently into that dark Foxboro. Do not be intimidated by the successes, the household names, and the shiny array of secret cameras in the great northeast. Stick close to your roots, depend heavily upon Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzalez, and of course, Larry Johnson. Have faith in the greenness of the line in front of you, and of course, throw the ball away rather than trying to force something.

Today could very well be the first day of the rest of your life as a successful quarterback in the National Football League. It could also be the last day of your life as an NFL player, but I don't put faith in that creed. I invite subscribers of naysayage to lap up a warm bowl of bukkake residue. May they be forced to enjoy the...yeah, I dunno what there'd be to enjoy about that, but nevertheless...



Kyle said...

"So I urge you, young Croyle, to not go gently into that dark Foxboro."

Does the training room count?

Cecil said...

Way to ruin the NFL season for everyone in Massachusetts, Chefs.

sg2000 said...

I have seen enough of this guy!!!

10 starts and been knocked out of 3.

He is not an NFL QB... Cut your losses move on. There are 15 games to go and the Chiefs have a D that is good.

Get a QB in here this week and lets go out and compete for the west. It is there for the taking.

Cecil said...

Absolutely--the only thing stopping the Chefs from running the table is the fact that they don't have a McCown brother on the roster.