Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baseball in the Daytime: 9-10-08

We've got six contests tabbed for Baseball in the Daytime today, and it's that time of year where we figure out who's in this thing for this season, and who's looking beyond it. September callups are in full force, and 2008 is slowing weedeating the middle-of-the-road clubs away from that neatly paved sidewalk to the post-season. Yup, it's time to separate the brawns from the bums. After the jump, we'll not really examine any of these clubs, but we'll sort of glance at them like that strange person in the alley with a shopping cart. Check some of your more professional sports bloggers for analysis, whatnot.

Oakland @ Detroit, 12:05 (Central): A couple of G-men right-handers kick off today's slate at Comerica Park. The 4-6 Sean Gallagher battles the 12-5 Armando Galarraga, and there's really not a whole lot either of these clubs can do, but sit their older guys a bit more frequently, and scope the younger talent in anticipation of next year's roster. Either way, DirecTV carries the load on 722.

Cincinnati @ Milwaukee, 1:05: This game, on the other hand, means something. A little something, anyway. Bronson Arroyo gets the nod for the visiting Reds, and he'll look to improve upon his 14-10 mark, while CC Sabathia toes the now-familar Miller Park slab. He's 15-8, and the Brewers look to avoid getting swept at home. The Brew Crew has more than disappointed of late, losing three in a row, and failing to take advantage of the deteriorating division-leading Cubs. A four and-a-half game chunk still separates these two teams, the leader of which has lost eight of 10, while the second-place Brewers haven't done much better. DirecTV 723 and 747 are your options.

New York @ Los Anaheim, 2:35: Andy Pettitte and Dustin Moseley are your starters today at Angels Stadium. Some say LA's championship is there for the taking, and they might be right. New York, on the other hand, has played streaky ball of late, allowing the Blue Jays to skip over them in the standings, a result of Toronto's 10-game winning streak. DirecTV channels 724 and 725 have your various feeds of this one.

Arizona @ San Francisco, 2:45: Dan Haren and Triple-A callup Brad Hennessey are slated to start at AT&T Park this afternoon, and the D'bags need to get their act together if they'd like to stay afloat in this race. They'll pit the veteran against the yoot' in hopes of snapping a five-game oops, and look to close a little of the new gap between themselves and Humberto's first-place Dodgers. DirecTV ownership kindly asks that you tweak the knobbage to 726 or 727.

Florida @ Philadelphia, 3:05: Over at Citizens Bank Park, Ricky Nolasco and Brett Myers will take the mound. Things look a little bleak for the Marlins, and the Phils' mediocre play of late isn't getting them any brownie points with the Mets. Tune in to DirecTV 728 or 729 for this one, and if you haven't noticed, XM's MLB schedule page is jacked up today, so you're on your own for that source.

Texas @ Seattle, 3:40: Back to the Pacific side of the country for the afternoon's final tilt, and it features Kevin Millwood, of the 9-8 variety, and Cesar Jiminez, who comes off of relief duty to get a crack at his first career start. Seattle figured "what the heck," while Texas will continue to work its horse in an effort to pretend they have a fleeting prayer for October baseball. Catch it on DirecTV 730 or 731, and catch me not tuning in to this, or any of today's features for that matter. Out.