Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fracas: 8-29-08

Bunch o' lame shit going on 'round the MilkyWays today. Not a bunch, rather, but some. John McCain announced his running mate last night. It's a woman: kind of surprising. She's been the governor of Alaska: pretty rad. She's a hockey mom: pretty kick ass. This might mire some 'tweeners that can't think for themselves and decide which is worse, a minority in office, or a woman in office. That's them, those mentally twisted f**ks that make a up a large portion of our population. It's didn't alter my voting plans at all. But it is a curious move. Either way, I'm stoked to move forward into the haze of lame-duck Bushdom, which really won't be much different than the last seven and-a-half years, but whatever. A small handful of non-political yabyum, after the jump.

There's been a lame sports story or two making the cycles as of late, but this one takes the cake.

Oh, wait. My bad. This one does.

Continuing with the theme, Major League Jerk rails Fire Joe Morgan, then gives them a taste of their own medicine. Yowsers.

Strange happenings all around. Like Cristian Guzman hitting for the cycle yesterday, and helping his Washington Nationals crush Humberto's Dodgers 11-2. As the beauts at BLB say, "what the hell just happened?" One can't help but wonder how they'll fare this weekend against division rivals/leaders, the D'Bags.

To wrap it on a funny note, yesterday's "Balls Deep" at Deadspin, by the BDDster himself.


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