Friday, August 29, 2008

Baseball in the Daytime: 8-29-08

This is getting old. Cubs baseball, and only Cubs baseball on a Friday afternoon. I mean, I get it -- most teams will sell more tickets when the working men and women have completed their income-related tasks for the week, and can then head out to the American baseball stadiums. Except in Chicago, where the fans are zealots and loons for their Cubbyball, and therefore would sellout a game if it were before nine a.m. Mass on Sunday morning. For the sake of mixing up our own little feature here, though, it'd be nice to have someone else playing daytime ball besides the baby bears. But oh well. It'd be nice to have Kansas City Royals not whining to the media, too, but I guess you can't expect grown men to act like grown men. Anyway, your Wrigley details, after the jump.

Philadelphia @ Chicago, 1:20 (Central): On paper, this looks to be a pretty darn good game. The Phillies are a game back of the Mets, and they'll need every bit of juice they can get from today's starter Joe Blanton, who's 6-12, and sporting a 4.75 E.R.A. They'll need the stuff from him, especially since fellow righty Rich Harden will take the mound in the bottoms of the innings, and he boasts a 9-2 record with a 2.0 (Editor's Note: Two point oh!) E.R.A. Therefore, this game should be entertaining. Blanton's never faced the Cubs, and it'll be a spectacle if Harden can hold off the Philly bats. Catch it Phanatically (722) or Wrigley-style (723) on DirecTV, or crank the XM dial to 185. And if you're not in Chicago, turn to your nearest neighbor, and let 'em know they ought to take you out to the ball game.