Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Try-Hard Guys

Gotta love the headlong slide into first. Very Corbin Bernsen in Major League.

One out. And then a pinch-hitter named Seth Smith, whose own mom wouldn't recognize him in a lineup, hits a triple. Hot damn. Kaz Matsui, once the toast of Japan, where they don't even like toast, has a 1-2 count and a chance to go down in Rockies lore alongside names like, um...yeah...and he scores the run with a sac fly. Rocks 6-5.

Tulowitzki is making an actual name for himself, possibly a shorter and more recognizably 'Merican one, and smacks a ball almost identical to the one Smith hit. Fuckin' A. Holliday at the plate with the Polish Rifle (not to be confused with the Polish Cannon) on 3d...and then done. But still. Good one. Now to hold that lead...
And here is the donkeysarecheaters rest of it.