Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Top O' The Sixth

We're back to a tie game, which favors the Rox in a huge way. Peavy is already 91 pitches deep (and has yielded five runs), and the Colorado bullpen is way more stable than San Diego's.

Those Dane Cook commercials are just flat out awful. I don't know what else to say.

SD is letting Peavy bat with Clark on first and no outs. They'll try and squeeze one more inning out of their ace, but he can't get the bunt down, one down. We're getting a new pitcher, who should have but one instruction: don't throw a strike to Adrian Gonzalez. He's the best cleanup hitter in the game.

Your new Rockie (Rocky?) pitcher: Jeremy Affeldt. And so, somehow, the Kansas City Royals have infested this game. I'd of course prefer Fuentes coming from the left side, but he's being saved for later. Affedlt is wild as shit, and Clark is now on second following a wild pitch.

Ryan Speier brings his sleazy sidearm shenanigans in to face the righty Hairston. I propose that "sleazy" replace "filthy" as the preferred modifier when describing pitching might. Strikeout, let the home team bat.


bankmeister said...

What? Dude, how did the Royals manage to not infest this game with Bud Black and Jamie Quirk as assistant coaches? Come on, Mr. Baseball.