Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Third Inning

All right, now I can get my bearings. The entire Iron Triangle is now swinging for the fences. Banky is tickling the little nephew down in his basement, and Cecil is now firing off dispatches from just south of Coors.

Yeah, Gonzalez knocked the shit out of that ball. I guess he's a cleanup hitter after all. After a couple balls stroked down the left field line the Pads loaded it up again, and the Rockies could not quite turn the double play. Once the dust settled, San Diego was up 5-3.

Todd Helton, jackpot. 5-4 bad guys.

Rustoleum: Todd Helton is not ready to lose.

Amen, brother. That's easily the neatest thing about this whole run, the effort to get the old man into the playoffs. Mike Sweeney is ready to retire, never having come close to the postseason. It would be wonderful if Helton could sniff the sweet nectar of October baseball (beyond tonight, of course).


Cecil said...

All the years I worked in LoDo, nothing. No playoff games. One, maybe two winning seasons.

I move to UpDo and bam--playoffs. Miss the whole pageant.