Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Rallye!

Tulowitzki reaches base on a bad defensive play, Holliday knocks him in with a piece of hitting that should be presented to the baseball writers of America as MVP lobbying.

The Bearded One beats out a throw and gets no love from the ump. Fuck the ump, kill 'im!

Is this the inning? Is the bottom of the 5th when they blow it wide fucking open? One out, runner on second...and a strikeout. *&%$.

Intentional walk on Hawpe. Smart baseball? Loser baseball. This is where they have to come through in the clutch.And here is the denverbroncossuck rest of it.


bankmeister said...

C'mon, homer. He was out. He gave up on the run. No Charlie Hustle? No safe.