Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: First Inning

All right, let's play some ball. Feel free to drop your thoughts and comments into an e-mail and send them off to Also, if you text me tonight it will end up here--just a warning.

This Padres lineup is fucking cheesy. They have a huge pitching advantage in Peavy over Fogg, but that could easily be negated by their B-grade hitters. Giles at leadoff? A Hairston brother in the 2-hole? The Dragon-Slayer smote them easily. Kouzmanoff is a nice young player, but he would be hitting sixth or seventh for the Rockies, not third.

And, his nickname is The Cooze. Unsavory.

Fogg, after running Adrian Gonzalez 3-0, catches up and strikes his ass out. Gonzalez is not much of a cleanup man. We'll be back with the Rockies half of the first.

Hey hey, we have our first communication with the outside world. Bankmeister is looking for instructions on contributions, which are as follows:

Write in, tell me where you're watching the game and what you're drinking.

Tell me what you think of San Diego sports fans. Make a joke about Norv Turner and/or Ted Cotrell if you must.

Reminisce about your favorite moment in Rockies history.

OK, let's get caught up on the game. Matsui led off with a double--this team has really taken off with Matsui in the 1-spot following Tavares' injury. Tulowitzki followed with an infield single and Matsui advanced to third. Peavy pitched around Holliday, who walked, and Helton drove a pitch to deep center to sacrifice Matsui in for the first run.

Garret Atkins, only the hottest hitter on the planet, got ahold of an outside pitch and deposited in left for a single, scoring Tulo. Hawpe popped a foul up the third base line, and The Cooze squeezed it for Out No. 2. Spilborghs flied out to center to end the inning, but the home team has a lead and all is well in the Rocky Mountains.