Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Catching Up

Seriously, how awesome is this?

The Cubs win their division within the same week that the Rockies go out of their minds in pursuit of only their second playoff appearance ever? It's enough to make this Broncos fan not care that they were crushed in humiliating fashion by the IndianaPolians...almost.

Noted doofus Brian Giles at bat for the Pads in the top of the 3d. The DragonSlayer (fucking awesome movie) has him at 3-1. Strike. Full count.

Foul ball down the right field line. (Remember when Giles, and his whatizname brother, were actually good players? Yeah, me neither. But then, drugs have taken their toll.)

Giles on first following a walk. Scott "I'm No Jerry" Hairston hits a bloop single to right. Bases loaded and Fogg's looking like a journeymann famous mostly for kingly sideburns.

Now we have The Cooze. Holliday makes the grab, and no one strays even though his relay throw bounced off a glove.

Adrian Gonzalez made him pay. Goodbye, lead. Grand motherscratchin' slam.