Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Clearing the Fogg

Fogg's out, but not before putting a runner on 2nd. Khalil "Only Baha'i in Baseball" finds himself on the short end of the spiritual stick versus Taylor Buchholz. How often do you see the double h in a name? Not often. Not very effin' often.

Buchholz has crept under the radar and had a not-terrible season. 90 strikeouts to 20 walks to go with his 4-somethin' ERA. Still, that double h...I dunno. I don't recall Dennis Ecckersley.

But! He gets his man on a checked swing strikeout. Nice. If they're checkin' the swings, leave Taylor in for an inning or two. Maybe he can sprout some Dragon-slayin' sideburns.