Saturday, September 1, 2007

That Old College Try: Feeling Buffaloed

All I really have to say about this morning's early epic is this: fuck CU.

Seriously. Even Joel Klatt shook at his head at that pass interference that kept them alive. Somehow, some way, the Men in Stripes always manage to find a nugget to toss Boulder way. Always. Sour grapes, yes...but truly, they make the sweetest wine.

Bottom line, either team could have won. There were some great plays, sure; like the squib kick and recovery, the three scores to Sperry, Kyle Bell's touchdown run.

But it's been an unfortunate pattern in recent years that the Rams could grab a lead heading into the fourth and then manage to fritter it away like so many, um, lead-fritterers. This game was no different. We were up by 11, had all the momentum and looked ready to uncork a vintage bottle of ass-whoop.

Then we go conservative while the camera spends half an hour interviewing Ma Hawkins and pow! Next thing I know, the fucker is tied. Then overtime, then Hanie's first bad decision all day, then the field goal. The forchrissakes field goal.

What really pisses me off is that I thought this was the last year we'd have a chance at those Flatiron %#@*s for quite a while. CSU and CU are, unfortunately, programs heading opposite directions.

We'll see how Sonny gets 'em to respond to this, but it ain't getting any easier when we take on the Golden Bears. And by not any easier, I mean much, much fucking harder. Sheesh.

In other college football news...

Notre Dame is thrilling fans of the program with a solid 3 points scored versus the Ramblin' Wreck with 2 minutes left in the third. That might be fine if the Irish defense, led by the only partially overrated Tokm Zbikowksi (didja read that he's an amateur boxer??!?!?!) was pitching a shutout, instead of having allowed 19 like they have. The game ain't over, but the annual national championship dreams are--if ever they even existed.

Also, the Michigan Wolverines lost 34-32 in the so-called Big House to those titans from Appalachian State. Pretty huge upset, but what I found most interesting was the fact that Michigan had never lost to a Division 1-AA opponent--or whatever they're calling the JV these days--before, ever. That's crazy.


The Lone Reader said...

Well done, Cecil.

Honestly, I just don't give a shit enough about CU football to say fuck CU. I'll leave that to the Colorado folks, as no one else really cares either.

Ol' no. 7,
College football sucks ass. The Michigan loss today has basically eliminated them from a national champioship and we're 4 days intot he season. That's just lame. How can you possible argue that?

Oh well, in college football every game is important. That's what makes it so great. Bullshit. Get fuckin' serious. Schools go underfeated and don't get a shot. If you wanna go that direction, then have a single elimination tournament from week one. What lame-ass fuckin' "league."

THIS is another example of what is wrong with college football. Why should Michigan even fuckin' play games from here on out? Don't get me wrong, I love upsets. They just shouldn't end a season UNLESS THEY ARE IN A FUCKING TOURNAMENT.

What a joke. This is about as legit as MLB. Oh wait, how could I forget, you like suckin' MLB dick on a daily basis.

Sorry sir. I just get frustrated with "competitive" sports that are decided in front offices. Maybe we should start fantasy leauges for GMs and University presidents.

Frustrated again,