Friday, September 28, 2007

The T-Hen 1500 Watch: Week Three

The T-Hen 1500 Watch is the House of Georges' newest feature, wherein the ChiefsNation third of the HoG will measure the success of Donkey running back Travis Henry. We look back to the illustrious prediction (Editor's Note: This prediction has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Old No. 7 or anything he has published here on these InterNets) that prognosticated the certainty of Mr. Henry rushing for 1500 yards in this, the 2007 campaign. Take note that Mr. Henry's ability as an athlete hasn't necessarily been questioned in this regard. It was merely suggested as laughable to suspect that he would maintain his ever-questionable health and reach such a feat in this very season behind this very non-cheating Denver Bronco offensive line.

The way this little exercise works is this: We measure the prediction of 1500 yards for the season divided by 16 games. For the less-gifted in the math department (Note: This includes me), that's roughly 93.75 yards per game. Let it be said, therefore, that should the mark be reached, ChiefsNation will then appropriately commend Mr. Henry and the heretofore unnamed beholder of such great faith in the Volunteer alum that once shared the college backfield with Jamal Lewis.

Uh-oh. T-Hen must've come down with a case of the measles this weekend. He's looking spotty and didn't gain much of his body back from last week. How much did he gain? Thirty-five yards to be exact. Was it an illness?

The HoG thinks not. His drop in production came in the form of a run defense. A real one. Yes, it was time to put away the trophies earned against those stellar Buffalo and Oakland run Ds and strap on the cleets for something meatier. Through three games, Mr. H has netted 302 yards, a still-solid 20% of 1500. Let's hope he can get back on track against that piss-poor Indy run D this weekend. What's that? Indy falls just above the Jaguars and not near the drain in the deep end like Buff' an' Oak'? Oh, well. Cut that child support!