Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 9-13-07

There's only one day game in the majors today, and I'm going to hit it hard and quick, just like the ladies want it.

The Cincinnati Reds, represented by Aaron Harang, host Kip Wells and the St. Louis Cardinals at 10:35 Mountain. The only possible reason you may have for caring about this game is gambling. Since fantasy baseball is, in fact, a form of wagering, I do care about this game. My opponent has Harang on his club, so I hope he implodes and surrenders many, many runs. Find it on XM 187, and Cheers!


The Lone Reader said...

The Shwastistamp has finally failed.

He seemed to have it all figured out with the players. Hit 'em where it hurts. Shit, fines mean little to these guys ... players and coaches. You have to take the game away which they too often take for granted away from them. Suspensions send messages, while fines are laughable. Why not do both?

Belichick should have been suspended for at least 4 games. He is a competitor and removing him from competition will send a real message.

The Pats shirked away once again with luck on their side.

Their behavior puts into doubt EVERY WIN THEY HAVE HAD DURING BILL'S ERA.

Ol' GC Goodell just didn't have the balls.