Saturday, August 11, 2007

Similar Strokes

Not that it beats the pic of Gary and Mess', but Mr. Coleman has in fact been around the block a few times. We'll show you some select snapshots of the artist formerly known as Arnold here in the next few days.

This one, however, couldn't wait, especially since he's sporting the same threads as he is in the NL West Mid-Season Report photo. As Old No. 7 mentioned in a recent staff meeting, if we hadn't coined the immensely awesome name House of Georges, this here blog would've been called Mark Messier's Wash Cloth. That would've ruled, but oh well. Regarding the touted 2007 football season, we are officially in business (Editor's Note: Barbaro died.) this evening as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cleveland Browns at 6:30 Central this evening. Word on the streets is that the Denver Broncos will play on PrimeTime (Note: Shocker.) against the HoG's bandwagon favorite San Francisco 49ers.

Young RollTide grad Brodie Croyle gets the start this evening for the Chiefs; his competitor Damon Huard will take first-quarter snaps next week when Trent Green makes his return visit to Arrowhead. Good times. Game on. Let's get it started, etc., etc. It's football season. Well, kind of. Almost anyway.


Cecil said...

That photo was taken just prior to an event that Coleman would later tell his therapist was "the hurty time."

Nathan said...

Brody Croyle ... nice interception, buddy. That's some solid decision-making. That kind of play must be what bankmeister is envisioning as the Chiefs make their run to the playoffs.



Cecil said...

TLR, I love you. You slag your own team worse than I could ever hope to.

I've been watching the replay of that game on the NFL Network. Hard to say what I'm seeing, because it's mostly backups, but your defense is showing a heretofore unknown ability to tackle. That can't be good.

Having said that, I'm still on board with TLR's prediction of 7-9, maybe 8-8. And if LJ doesn't get back soon, that total could drop like a middle aged stripper's funbags.

Nathan said...

Just tellin' it like it is.

Oh, the D is promising. The O, however, will likely be shameful. I love 'em all the same though. We've had some good years. Every once-in-awhile you've gotta weather a bad one. At least we'll be able to pull for an improving defense. I take comfort in that.

Go got 'em, Chiefs.