Monday, August 13, 2007

Our AFC West, Vol. 1 Concessions

The House of Georges has thrown a slew of potential features out there. Few have seen success. I'm into this one. I can sink my teeth in it and I haven't even read the entire description. Nor do I know the price. I am, however, sold on it. Thus, I'm offering commentary in the form of a post regarding the feature's first installment.

Regarding employment under A.J. Smith, I couldn't agree with Cecil more. Seriously, though. I pity da' fools on his payroll. What a jackass that guy is. If I was Marty, and he waited 'til all other coaching vacancies were full, and then fired me, I'd be like: "Run 'at by me again."

I can appreciate the fact that Schottenheimer tried to play the non-finger-pointing game. I further appreciate that Donnie Edwards did not. In addition to that which was reported by Cecil's new favorite source, Edwards also recently told Joe Posnanski of The Kansas City Star (my only favorite source) that "(The Chargers) had something great going there (...) But egos destroyed it. Well, not egos. Ego."

And that's all I have to say about that. Could you compile a more bizarre foursome of National Football League general managers? A dick, a dementia patient, a puppet who's strings are operated from below, and a shrewd camel-mule hybrid. That's our AFC West, alright. Check back in for inconsistently infrequent updates.