Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's A Bright & Schein-y Day

I really don't dislike Adam Schein. He's a host with Sirius NFL radio and has a column on, Scheintology, which is one of the better features on a generally turd-scented website that infects your computer with massive doses of spyware, leading your wife to think you've been ogling pictures of buxom Croatian yoga instructors. Again.

But man--he proves that it's possible to be a homer for nearly every single team in the league.

To illustrate, here's a line from his bit about the woeful squad down in Nashville:

"But after spending a wonderful day with the Tennessee Titans, where a Jeff Fisher practice is wonderfully intense, you can tell this team truly believes in its quarterback and coach putting it in positions to succeed for the 2007 campaign."

Nothing wrong with being positive. But mental illness is another matter entirely. The guy you see in the park with the winter coat on in 98 degree weather is absolutely positive that it's cold out. Then there's this, ala the Colts awarding a massive contract to Dwight Freeney, a pure speed rusher who didn't even get to the QB last year as much as this guy:

"He is one of the rare players who must be accounted for on every single snap of the football. It is so easy to cite stats to describe Freeney's dominance, like the 56.5 sacks in his five-year career. But it's the omnipresent pressure on quarterbacks and his game-busting ability that separates him. We are talking about a top-five defensive player in the NFL."

Well, maybe two years ago. But if the Colts can't stop the run any better than they did last year, Freeney's going to get bulldozed. He's not a great run defender, and if teams don't pass, he can't get sacks. And overpaying single stars is a bad way to run a team. I think this is the year that their habit of giving a few guys (Peyton, Freeney, Reggie Wayne) huge money and spackling elsewhere throughout the lineup catches up to 'em. At least, I hope so. God, I'm tired of Peyton effin' Manning.

But you've gotta give the guy this much: he's right on talking up the Broncos.

Good job, Schein. Way to stay positive.