Thursday, August 2, 2007

Finally, Someone Listened

In between attempting to set the world record for cashews eaten at a sitting and wondering how, exactly, a really good salesman would sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo--seriously, what use does an eskimo have for a fridge? They live near all that ice. I just don't get it--I make a habit of whining.

I whine about a lot of things. My wife's frequent lack o' nudity (yeah, yeah, you're going to work, whatever, honey.) I whine about the uncomfortable gas pains I evidently get from cashews. And I whine about the Denver Broncos' lack of representation in the NFL Hall of Fame.

It's just not right. My beloved Denver footballers are one of the league's most successful teams over the last three decades, and yet they have but one member: the Duke of Denver aka Johnny Ballgame aka The Greatest Quarterback Ever. What about Randy Gradishar? What about Dennis Smith? What about old-skool d00dz (gaming memes are gonna be a new theme here at the HoG) like Floyd Little and Tombstone Jackson?

Well, as I figured, I was right. Totally right. More right than you've ever been about anything, I figure, except maybe for that one Now that I think of it, you were also wrong then.

Here's proof of my rightness. Also my righteousness. (Proof of my right-handedness will come later during Cinemax After Dark. YE-ow!)

The Denver Broncos are the most under-represented good team in the Hall by a long shot.

Thank you, Mike Sando. Whoever you are.