Friday, August 3, 2007

Baseball in the Daytime: 8-3-07

The bigs kick off the weekend with only one afternoon match today, and it's the October-hungry Cubbies of Chicago hosting the non-gay New York team known as the Metropolitans. Fondling the rosin bag for the National-League-East-leading Mets is none other than Orlando Hernandez. He'll face the 14-7 Carlos Zambrano, who's club finds themselves knotted with the Brew Crew for first in the NL Central.

El Duque boasts a 3-0 record since the All-Star break while the wily Zambrano has earned four victories since. In the non-pitching department, the hot bat of former Kansas City Royal Ruben Gotay and infield help of former Minnesota Twin/Florida Marlin Luis Castillo should help fill some of the void left by the ailing Carlos Beltran.

Catch this matchup at 1:20 Central on the old standby WGN, or see for yourself if it's on any of them new-fangled satellite doohickeys. I'm too lazy and it's time to play ball.


Nathan said...

People are generally stupid. As a whole, we rarely learn from mistakes. This is evident throughout our written history.

Folks can be convinced to do some stupid shit, with a little creative leadership, focused power and a dose or two of propaganda (See the histories of the USA, Germany, Russia, etc.). Thus, the growing (and cowering) herds of "fans" who crawl forward, tail between their legs, in the shadow of the tyrannical Bud Selig and his new brand of steroid-laced, big money MLB do not surprise me. That's what old $14million dollar a year, Bud "I've never heard of steroids , but McGwire and Sosa sure can jack it" Selig needed, and that' what he got. It's not surprising, but a little sad.

Remember when two of the strongest and hottest teams in MLB were the Montreal Expos and the Kansas City Royals. Maybe you do, and maybe you don't. That was the year of the strike. It was the year that baseball, our former national past time, was ruined. The fans struggled for awhile, but they never demanded change ... and they never got it.

Sometimes, as we crawl back, I remember the way it used to be. I don't think it'll ever be that way again. Like I said, not surprising ... but a little sad.

Now folks, let's enjoy our baseball in the daytime ... like good little boys and girls.



bankmeister said...

I enjoy the sentiment of this comment, but fail to see how it relates to the post.

Nathan said...

Ah yes,

It is that very failure, sir, that blind allegiance, that misguided passion, that makes me weep.

-- TLR